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      The Chronological History of St. Louis

1760 - 1769 -View of St. Louis, 1919
1541-Hernando DeSoto´s 1541 Mississippi River Crossing
1763-Laclede Chooses Site of St. Louis
1764-France Cedes Louisiana
1764-Auguste Chouteau arrives at the site of St. Louis
1764-Village is Named for St. Louis
1764-Marie Chouteau Arrives in St. Louis
1764-First Houses Built in St. Louis
1765-Arrival of St. Ange de Bellerive
1766-Spain Assumes Control of the Louisiana Territory
1766-Chouteau´s Pond is created
1767-Carondelet is founded
1770 - 1779 1770-Spanish Arrive in St. Louis
1772-First Resident Priest Arrives
1772-Trade Stopped with Native Americans
1775-Spanish Commandant Cruzat Arrives
1776-First Church is Completed
1778-Cruzat leaves St. Louis
1778-Laclede Dies
1778-Cerre moves to St. Louis
1779-De Leyba arrives
1779-Leyba Assists Clark Against the British
1780 - 1789 1780-Fortifications Built Around St. Louis
1780-De Leyba dies
1780-Americans start arriving on Mississipi´s east bank
1780-Gratiot Moves to St. Louis
1780-St. Louis is Attacked by the British
1781-Cruzat attacks the British
1784-Spain Closes the Lower Mississippi
1788-Mississippi River Opened to Americans
1788-Louisiana Territory Opened to Americans
1790 - 1799 1793-First African American Receives Land Grant
1795-Pinckney Treaty of 1795
1795-Treaty of San Lorenzo Signed
1796-Carondelet is renamed
1800 - 1809 1800-France Regains Possession of Louisiana Territory
1803-Louisiana Purchase
1804-US Takes Possession of St. Louis
1804-Lewis and Clark Expedition
1804-Three Flags Day
1805-St. Louis Becomes Territorial Capital
1805-Exploration of Mississippi River
1806-Southwest Exploration Begins
1807-Lewis Appointed Territorial Governor
1808-First St. Louis Newspaper Published
1809-St. Louis Incorporated
1810 - 1819 1810-Fire Companies Formed
1811-Population in 1811
1811-Stone House Built on "Chouteau´s Hill"
1811-Overseer of Roads Position Established
1811-First Police Force (Constabulary) Established
1811-New Madrid Earthquake
1812-Brick homes and stores appear
1812-Market House on Public Square Completed
1812-Declaration of War Reaches St. Louis
1812-Territorial Government Reorganized
1813-Committee for Public Safety formed
1813-William Clark Named Governor
1814-Thespian Society is Formed
1815-DuBourg Consecrated Bishop of Louisiana Purchase
1815-Treaty signed with 19 Native American Nations
1816-Population in 1816
1816-First Subdivision Added to St. Louis
1817-First Steamboat Arrives in St. Louis
1817-Duel at ´Bloody Island´
1818-Irish Emmigrant & Corresponding Society founded
1818-First Police Captain appointed
1818-St. Louis Academy Opens
1818-Baptists organize African-American Sunday School
1819-Brick cathedral erected
1819-Erin Benevolent Society Founded
1819-Panic of 1819
1820 - 1829 -St. Louis Incorporated as a City
1827-U.S. Arsenal Established in St. Louis
1828-First Catholic Hospital in the United States Opens
1830 - 1839 1830-Race Relations in the 1830s
1830-Building Boom of the 1830s
1830-Immigration in the 1830s
1831-First Waterworks Created
1832-St. Louis University Chartered
1835-Publication of the Observer
1837-Panic of 1837
1837-Creation of the Bank of the State of Missouri
1839-City of St. Louis Marshal´s Office
1839-Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod founding
1840 - 1849 1837-Re-routing the Mississippi River
1840-St. Paul African Methodist Church Founded
1842-Anti-Immigration Riots
1843-Bus System Started
1843-First Public Transit System Established
1843-Waterworks Expanded
1843-Knights of Liberty founded
1844-Great Flood of 1844
1846-Dred Scott Case
1846-Mercantile Library Association Founded
1846-St. Vincent de Paul Society Formed
1846-Immigration in the 1840s
1849-Great Fire of 1849
1849-Cholera Epidemic
1850 - 1859 1850-Cholera Quarantine Made Permanent
1850-City Council creates fund for first sewers
1850-First Turnverein is Organized
1851-Jenny Lind Comes to St. Louis
1851-Iron Mountain Railroad is Organized
1851-Lafayette Park Dedicated
1851-Lucas Place is City´s First Private Place
1852-Mo Supreme Court Reverses Dred Scott Decision
1852-First Railroads Established
1854-View of St. Louis, 1854
1854-Grand Avenue laid out by Hiram Leffingwell
1854-Washington University Founded
1855-Gasconade Bridge Collapses
1855-First Public High School in Missouri
1855-Agricultural and Mechanical Fair established
1859-First Streetcar Run is Completed
1859-Construction of Christ Church Cathedral Begins
1860 - 1869 -Daily Press Newspaper began
1860-1st Ever Baseball game in St. Louis
1860-Frist Baseball Game in St. Louis
1860-Anheuser buys brewery
1860-Jackson Elected Governor
1861-Last Slave Auction in St. Louis
1861-Police Board Created
1861-Secession Convention Meets
1861-Camp Jackson established
1861-Camp Jackson surrendered
1861-Fremont Named Commander of Western Department
1861-Martial Law Declared in St. Louis
1861-Western Sanitary Commission Established
1861-Halleck Named Commander of Department of the West
1861-Eads Builds Ironclad Riverboats
1861-Civil War
1861-Minute Men Organized
1862-Old Courthouse Finished
1862-Outstate Missouri Refugees Arrive in St. Louis
1862-Southern Sympathizers Fined
1863-New Waterworks Authorized
1864-Lemp Brewery Moves
1865-Missouri Constitutional Convention Held
1865-Slavery Abolished in Missouri
1865-St. Louis Public Library Founded
1866-Missouri Historical Society Founded
1866-1866 Cholera epidemic hits
1867-Bissell Point Plant Built
1867-Eads Bridge Is Constructed
1867-Mullanphy Emigrant Home Built
1867-Woman Suffrage Association of Missouri Formed
1868-Masonic Building Completed
1868-J.O. Pierce home built
1868-Lyon Park Donated to City
1868-Shaw Donates Tower Grove Park
1869-Big Mound completely demolished
1869-Fence Built around Lafayette Park
1869-St. Louis Sanitarium Opens
1870 - 1879 1870-Vandeventer Place Designed
1870-1870 Extension of City Boundaries
1870-Municipal Courts Building Constructed
1870-Carondelet annexed to St. Louis
1872-Sisters of St. Mary Established
1872-Temporary City Hall Constructed
1873-Panic of 1873
1874-Post Office and Customs House Construction Begins
1874-All Saints Episcopal Church founded
1874-View of St. Louis, 1874
1875-Pictorial St. Louis Published
1875-Globe-Democrat Formed
1875-Sumner High School Opens
1876-Final 1876 Extension of City Boundaries
1876-Budweiser Beer developed
1876-St. Louis Brownstockings Join the National League
1876-Great Divorce of 1876
1876-Separation of St. Louis City from County
1876-Democratic National Convention of 1876
1876-Forest Park Established
1876-1876 Home Rule Charter
1877-St. Louis Real Estate Exchange Chartered
1877-Southern Hotel Fire
1877-General Strike of 1877
1878-Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophet Formed
1878-Veiled Prophet Celebration begins
1879-St. Louis Post-Dispatch is Founded
1879-Busch becomes partner in brewery
1880 - 1889 1880-1880 Census
1884-Exposition and Music Hall Constructed
1885-Cable Street Railways Introduced
1886-St. Louis Ethical Society Founded
1887-St. Louis Labor and Trades Assembly Union Formed
1888-Republican National Convention of 1888
1888-Annie Malone Childrens Home founded
1888-St. Louis University Opens New Campus
1889-Terminal Railroad Association of St. Louis Formed
1889-Henry Shaw dies
1890 - 1899 -United Railways Company Started
1890-Wednesday Club Formed
1890-Normal School Opens at Sumner High School
1890-William Harris publishes Publishes "Hegel´s Logic"
1890-Lewis Place Laid Out
1890-St. Louis Population Reaches 451,770
1890-City electrified
1891-Wainwright Building Completed
1892-Cupples Station construction
1892-Theodore Dreiser Arrives in St. Louis
1893-Economic Panic of 1893
1893-William Marion Reedy Named Publisher at the St.
1893-First Women Appointed in City Government
1894-Ralston Purina is Founded
1894-Union Station Completed
1895-Eugene Field Dies in Chicago.
1895-First Pressed Brick Streets and Alleys Laid
1895-Sumner High School Relocates
1896-Kate Field Dies
1896-Republican National Convention of 1896
1896-View of St. Louis, 1896
1896-New City Hall Opens
1896-Tornado of 1896
1898-Automobiles appear on the streets of St. Louis
1899-Frankie kills "Johnny"
1899-St. Louis Selected as Site for 1904 World´s Fair
1900 - 1909 1900-Transit Workers Strike
1900-Rolla Wells is Elected Mayor
1900-Poro College Founded
1900-St. Louis Baseball Team is Named the Cardinals
1901-Civic Improvement League established
1901-New Water Treatment System is Installed
1902-Kingshighway Commission chartered
1902-St. Louis Browns Join the American League
1902-American Tent & Awning Co. Fire
1904-1904 World´s Fair
1904-Louisiana Purchase Exposition
1904-Public Buildings Commission Chartered
1904-Association of Colored Womens Clubs Organized
1907-View of St. Louis, 1907
1907-St. Louis Womens Trade Union League Founded
1909-First Airplane Flight in St. Louis
1910 - 1919 -American Legion formed
1910-St. Louis Equal Suffrage League Founded
1910-St. Louis Zoological Society is Formed
1912-Railway Exchange is Built
1912-City Plan Commission Established
1912-St. Louis Argus Founded
1912-Worlds First Parachute Jump
1913-St. Louis Zoo Created
1913-Federal Reserve Bank District Established
1914-St. Louis NAACP Formed
1914-Pageant & Masque is Held
1916-Segregation Initiative is Passed
1917-St. Louis Urban League Established
1917-Aluminum Ore Race Riot
1920 - 1929 -1920-30 Suburban Expansion as the Automobile Beca
-Oct 1929 - Stock Market Crash
-Dec. 25, 1927 - "Black Christmas"
-Population, 1920-1929
1910-First African-American Elected Official
1920-St. Louis Cardinals Become Tenants of Browns
1920-People´s Motor Bus Company Established
1920-Prohibition Breeds Crime in St. Louis
1920-League of Women Voters of St. Louis Founded
1921-First Radio Station in Missouri Built
1922-Lemp Brewery Sells at Auction
1923-Air Pollution and smoke regulation
1923-Bond Issue of 1923
1924-International Air Races at St. Louis
1924-Webster University Founded
1925-KMOX Radio Station Goes On the Air
1925-St. Louis Club Building Fire
1925-Dinky Trolley Line Goes Bankrupt
1926-Voters Defeat 1926 Proposed Expansion
1926-Tower Grove Park Expands
1926-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1926 World Series
1927-Charles Lindbergh Makes Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight
1927-Tornado of 1927
1928-Waterworks at Howard´s Bend
1928-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1928 National League Penna
1928-St. Louis American is Founded
1929-Depression and the Stock Market Crash
1930 - 1939 1930-1930 Census is taken
1930-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1930 National League Penna
1930-Lambert-St. Louis Municipal Airport Dedicated
1930-Ted Drewes´ Frozen Custard Opens
1930-St. Louis Cardinals´ Gas House Gang
1931-Homer G. Phillips Murdered
1932-1932 Bond Issue
1933-Unemployment Rate Peaks During Great Depression
1933-Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association
1934-WPA Provides Work Relief
1934-Civic Improvements Program
1934-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1934 World Series
1935-1935 Bond Issue
1935-First Labor Union Vistory by Gas Workers´ Union
1939-Black Tuesday
1939-Municipal Opera Established
1939-McDonnell Aircraft Corporation Founded
1940 - 1949 1940-1940 Census
1940-Admiral riverboat completed
1940-Smoke-Abatement Law Enacted
1940-1940 All -Star Game hosted in St. Louis
1941-World War II Affects Local Manufacturing
1942-MacArthur Bridge Named
1942-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1942 World Series
1943-Women´s Auxiliary Army Corps Formed
1943-Urban Developments Corporation Law
1944-Meet Me in St. Louis Premieres
1944-Streetcar Series
1944-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1944 World Series
1946-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1946 World Series
1947-1947 Comprehensive City Plan
1949-St. Louis CORE Established
1949-Waterfront Redevelopment Projects
1949-Bi-State Development Agency Created
1950 - 1959 1890-Population reaches 682,000
1952-LCRA is Established
1953-Farris Appointed LCRA Director
1953-St. Louis Cardinals Are Sold to Busch
1954-Harris and Stowe Colleges merged
1954-St. Louis Sewer District Created
1955-LCRA and Housing Authority Combined
1956-Lafayette Area Declared Blighted
1958-Peabody Coal Company Building Completed
1958-Mill Creek Valley Renewal
1958-New Sports Stadium Proposed
1958-Redevelopment Recommended for Kosciusko
1959-Thomas Jefferson Building Completed
1959-Murphy Area Declared Blighted
1959-Kosciusko Project Underway
1959-Hot-Air Balloon Record
1960 - 1969 1954-Plaza Square Renewal
1960-Mayor's MBDC Founded
1960-City Population: 750,026
1960-Missouri Employment Security Building Completed
1961-Federal Building at 15th and Market Completed
1961-DeSoto-Carr / Murphy Areas Funds Sought
1961-Mark Twain Expressway opened
1961-Developer Selected for Stadium
1962-Junior College District Created
1962-Bond Issue for City share of Stadium Cost
1962-1962 Borough Plan defeated
1962-Parkside Plaza Completed
1962-Famous Barr Garage Completed
1963-Bi-State Purchases Public Service Transit Co.
1963-St. Louis RIDC Established
1963-Mo General Assembly Municipal Planning Act Passed
1963-Executive Building Completed
1963-First National Bank Addition
1963-Grandel and West End Project Progress
1963-University of Missouri-St. Louis Opens
1964-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1964 World Series
1964-Regional Industrial Development Council Founded
1964-Kiener Plaza East Garage Completed
1964-Huck Finn Excursion Boat
1964-Teachers Select Mill Creek Site
1964-Grant Sought for West End Rehab Project
1964-St. Louis Univ. Redevelopment Plan for Mill Creek
1964-Bicentennial of the City's Founding
1965-St. Louis Centre North Garage Completed
1965-Days Inn at the Arch Completed
1965-Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
1965-Southwestern Bell Building Completed
1965-Mayor´s Beautification Commission Founded
1965-East-West Gateway Coordinating Council founded
1965-West End Rehab Begins
1965-Montgomery, Murphy-Blair, DeSoto-Carr Renewal
1965-Warwick Addition
1965-Clarion Hotel-St. Louis
1965-ACTION established
1966-East-West Gateway Coordinating Council Established
1966-Farm Credit Banks Building Constructed
1966-Sports Stadium Approved/Built
1966-C. L. Farris Resigns
1966-Busch Memorial Stadium dedicated
1966-Busch Stadium Completed
1966-Stadium East and Stadium West Garages Completed
1966-Mansion House Center Completed
1966-Last Streetcar Line Disappears
1966-Kiener Memorial Plaza Completed
1966-Ethyl Petroleum Building Completed
1966-Best Western St. Louisian
1966-Former General American Agencies Building Built
1967-Chapter 100 enacted by Mo legislature
1967-Edison Brothers Store Addition
1967-Kiener Plaza West Garage Completed
1967-Union Market Leased to Merchant Tenants
1967-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1967 World Series
1968-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1968 National League Penna
1968-St. Louis Sentinel Founded
1968-Gateway Arch Officially Dedicated
1968-Becky Thatcher Excursion Boat Completed
1968-Gateway Tower Building Completed
1968-Model City Agency Established
1969-Downtown Mall Area Blighted
1969-Pet Inc. International Headquarters
1969-LaSalle Park Plan Approved
1969-NDP Funding for DeSoto-Carr and Other Projects
1969-LCRA and Housing Authority Separated
1970 - 1979 1970-Lt. Robert E. Lee Restaurant Boat Completed
1970-Mark Twain St. Louis Bank Completed
1970-Laclede Gas Building Completed
1970-Federal Building Completed
1970-Ralston Purina Tower Completed
1970-Relocation Agency Established
1970-St. Patricks Day Parade Started
1971-Zoo-Museum District Created
1971-Operation Breakthrough Targets Mill Creek Valley
1971-Equitable Building Completed
1971-500 Broadway Building Completed
1971-Land Reutilization Authority (LRA) Established.
1972-LaSalle Park Funding Approval
1972-Ralston Purina Named Developer of LaSalle Park
1973-Kiel Auditorium Garage Completed
1973-Construction Begins in LaSalle Park Redevelopment
1973-RCGA Formed
1974-Eads Bridge Railroad Tracks Closed
1974-Cervantes Convention Center Built
1974-Community Development Agency (CDA) Created
1974-St. Louis Port Authority Created
1974-Ruth C. Porter Mall Completed
1974-Post Office Annex Completed
1974-Ground Broken for Convention Center with LCRA Aid
1975-Mercantile Tower Completed
1975-CDA opens for business at the 1015 Locust Building
1975-John Roach Appointed CDA Executive Director
1975-Holiday Inn Riverfront Conversion Completed
1975-Convention Center Interchange Completed
1975-CDA Funding Initiated
1975-Pruitt-Igoe Housing Complex Imploded
1976-Local Development Company (LDC) Created
1976-Boatmen´s Tower-Completed
1976-Marriott´s Pavilion Hotel´s First Tower Completed
1976-Breckenridge Hotel Replaces Spanish Pavilion
1977-Don Spaid appointed CDA Executive Director
1977-Local Public Works Program Undertaken in 1977
1977-Alley Lighting Completed
1977-Sheraton St. Louis Hotel Completed
1977-Lennox Hotel Renovation and Conversion
1977-General American Life Insurance Building Completed
1977-Jefferson Arms
1977-Greyhound Bus Terminal Renovated
1977-Continental Trailways Terminal Addition Completed
1978-Union Electric Co. Addition
1979-MEDAC created
1979-Industrial Development Authority (IDA) Created
1979-CDA Economic Development staff move to PIEA
1979-Heritage and Urban Design Commission created
1979-801 N. 11th Street Building Completed
1979-YMCA Contemporary Tower Converted
1980 - 1989 1980-Koken Building Completed
1981-United Exposition Service Completed
1981-Columbus Squares Apartments Completed
1981-Holiday Inn Downtown Completed
1981-O´Fallon Place Completed
1981-Cochran Plaza Completed
1981-Schoemehl Appoints Exec Director of Development
1981-Business Assistance Center (BAC) Created
1981-Frank Hamsher is Director of CDA
1981-Major Layoffs Occur at CDA
1982-Boatmen´s Plaza Completed
1982-1010 Market Street Office Tower is Completed
1982-Chouteau Center is completed
1982-910 N. 11th St. Building-Completed
1982-A second round of layoffs occur at CDA
1982-Desegregation Program begins for St. Louis Public
1982-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1982 World Series
1983-Office of Business Development (OED) is Created
1983-St. Louis Place Completed
1984-U.S. Sprint Building Completed
1984-Ryder Truck Building Completed
1984-901 N. 10th St. Building Completed
1985-Edison Brothers Stores and Parking Garage
1985-Lucas Park Loft Apartments Completed
1985-One Bell Center Completed
1985-Mercantile Bank Facility Completed
1985-Embassy Suites Hotel Completed
1985-Thrifty Inn Completed
1985-Hyatt Regency St. Louis Completed
1985-Deborah Patterson Named Development Director
1985-Tom Nash Appointed Head of OBD
1985-Union Station Reopens
1985-St. Louis Cardinals Win 1985 National League Penna
1986-St. Louis Centre Opens
1986-A.E. Lottes Building Completed
1986-One City Centre Completed
1986-Gateway One on the Mall Completed
1986-Adam´s Mark Hotel Completed
1987-Port Authority is Folded into OBD
1987-MagneTek Century Electric Building Completed
1987-MCI Building Completed
1987-Brinks Building Completed
1987-Football Cardinals Leave St. Louis
1987-St. Louis Cardinals win 1987 National League Pennant
1988-Economic Development Commission Created
1988-Operation Conserv Established in Building Division
1988-Drury Inn Union Station Completed
1988-Mercantile Bank Operations Center Completed
1988-Power House Completed
1988-Forsythe Plaza at Union Station Reconstructed
1989-J. Christopher Grace - Exec Director of Development
1989-Anthony Williams appointed as Director of CDA
1989-Metropolitan Square and Parking Lot Completed
1989-Union Electric Corporate Headquarters
1989-A.G. Edwards North Tower-Completed
1998-Dennis Coleman - Exec Director of Development
1990 - 1999 1981-Fair St. Louis
1990-Sherwood Medical Building Completed
1990-Daniel and Henry Building Completed
1990-Drury Inn Convention Center Completed
1990-EDC renamed St. Louis Development Corporation
1990-CDA, SLDC, HUDC, Op. Impact @ 330 N. 15th St.
1990-Courtyard by Marriott
1991-Southwestern Bell Information Systems Center
1993-Metrolink Opens
1993-Flood of 1993
2000 - 2009 2000-Rams Win Superbowl XXXIV



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