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  Louisiana Purchase Exposition
Year:  1904
Decade:  1900 - 1909
Event Description:   The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition (also called the World’s Fair) was awarded to the City of St. Louis and was attended by people from all over the world. It was held in Forest Park. The Exposition covered 1,272 acres in the western half of Forest Park and adjoining areas. It was carried out under the leadership of former St. Louis Mayor and Missouri Governor David R. Francis. The fair celebrated the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase and transformed Forest Park into a veritable fairyland of white palaces, lagoons, and landscaping, attracting 20 million visitors to the City. The fair focused worldwide attention on St. Louis and led to the construction of many new hotels, office buildings and homes, a boom that continued until World War I.

The Art Museum, the "Bird Cage" at the Zoo, and the concrete fence running along Forest Park Boulevard are the only remaining structures from the Fair.

Barnett, Thomas P.
Francis, David R.
Haynes, John Ignatius
Kessler, George
LaBeaume, Louis
Taylor, Isaac S.
Widmann, Frederick

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