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Throughout St. Louis history, there have been many individuals, buildings, and events that shaped the city and surrounding communities. We have tried to provide you with a comprehensive inventory--but we need your help. History is constantly growing and evolving, and we want the web page to reflect that. Here is where you come in.

If you know of someone or something, a building or event that has shaped St. Louis, we hope that you take the time to tell us about it. Once our researchers review your entry it will be displayed on our web page!

Just click on the appropriate link below to fill out a short online form.

Here are some guidelines for your entry:

  1. We are interested in more information about people, structures and events already on our page, as well as new entries.
  2. Any topic of St. Louis' history can be relevant, but it should be accurate and documented. We cannot use unsubstantiated stories or rumors.
  3. To ensure accuracy and clarity, we reserve the right to edit or reject any entry.
  4. Please give us your e-mail address and phone number so we may contact you with any questions.
  5. Your entry should appear within two weeks. Please contact us if you don't see it.
Thank you for your help. Contributions from people like you will make this web page a comprehensive and richer history available to everyone.

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