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  Erin Benevolent Society Founded
Brief Description:  The Erin Benevolent Society was formed in 1819 to help poor Irish in St. Louis and in Ireland. In 1818, Irishman Jeremiah Connor and others, including Thomas Brady, Thomas Hanley and John Mullanphy, got together to form a benevolent society. It was formalized on Octoober 18, 1819. On March 17, 1819 the members of the Society marched in a procesion that ended with a banquet in honor of St. Patrick. This tradition was upheld for many years. Other similar societies to help the poor Irish in St. Louis included the Society for the Diffusion of Alms, which began in 1840, and the Friends of Ireland, which began in 1841.
Year:  1819
Decade:  1810 - 1819
Beginning Date:     Oct. 18, 1819

Connor, Jeremiah

St. Louis Irish: an Unmatched Celtic Community



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