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  Rolla Wells is Elected Mayor
Brief Description:  Rolla Wells was elected mayor in 1900. Joseph Folk is elected city attorney in the same municipal election. In 1896 Wells had bolted the Democratic Party´s Bryan free-silver ticket. Nevertheless, he was nominated by the Democratic Party for the office of mayor in 1900. He was elected and inaugurated in April 1901. Upon taking office he sold his local public utility holding company and steel stock, so that there could be no "conflict of interest" involved in his administration. "New St. Louis" was the slogan of his administration. Wells headed the City´s government during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition, known as the St. Louis World´s Fair of 1904. In this capacity he welcomed visitors to the City from all over the world. It was during his administration that the City Water Departmennt accomplished clarification of the water supply. The City also bought Fairground Park for $700,000. City playgrounds and public bath houses were constructed. City planning activities were started. Many of the main streets were hard surfaced. In 1906 a $2,000,000 bond issue was voted by the people of the City to build the Municipal Courts, Jail, and Childrens´ buildings. These were completed during later administrations.
Year:  1900
Decade:  1900 - 1909
Beginning Date:    1900
Ending Date:    1900



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