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  Charles Lindbergh Makes Solo Trans-Atlantic Flight
Brief Description:  On May 20, 1927, Charles Lindbergh took to the air in his "Spirit of St. Louis" airplane and successfully completed the first solo trans-Atlantic flight from New York City to Paris. He landed at Le Bourget Field on May 21st, a total of 33 1/2 hours and 3,610 miles after leaving New York. He had flown from San Diego, CA to Lambert Field at St. Louis on May 10, 1927, covering the 1,550 miles in 14 hours and 25 minutes, which was a record non-stop, one-man flight from the West Coast. The next day he continued his flight to New York, breaking the coast-to-coast flight record by 5-1/2 hours. Lindbergh┬┤s trans-Atlantic flight was financed by a group of St. Louis bankers and businessmen. Lindbergh had worked as an airmail pilot for the St. Louis-based Robertson Aircraft Co.
Year:  1927
Decade:  1920 - 1929
Beginning Date:     May. 20, 1927
Ending Date:     May. 21, 1927



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