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  Civil War
Category:  African-American Experience, Demographics (immigration, etc.), Economy/Employment, Human and Social Services, Planning and Development, Politics and Government, Transportation and Infrastructure
Brief Description:  The 1860s helped shape the path St. Louis would follow for the next 100 years. The Civil War shut the city off from its former markets in the upper Midwest and ensured that Chicago would become the leading city in the region. It also closed St. LouisĀ“ southern markets until the end of the war. In 1860, the City was divided between numerous factions who opposed or supported slavery to various degrees. In general, St. Louis was pro-Union because of its commercial contacts with the east and because of its large, anti-slavery German population. Much of the rest of the state, however, was pro-Confederacy. As a result, the state legislature took step to place the St. Louis police under state, rather than municipal, control, a situation that still exists to the current day.
Year:  1861
Decade:  1860 - 1869
Beginning Date:    1861
Ending Date:     Apr. 15, 1865



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