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  Missouri Constitutional Convention Held
Brief Description:  The Missouri Constitutional Convention met at the Mercantile Library in St. Louis beginning on January 6, 1865. The convention┬┤s main business was to consider the emancipation of slaves in the state. In less than a week, the delegates to the convention voted overwhelmingly to abolish slavery. In addition, they established a tax-supported public school system, ratified several national constitutional amendments, and instituted various other reforms to improve the fiscal soundeness of the state. The convention also passed a requirement that all citizens swear an ┬┤Ironclad Oath" before they could vote, a move designed to root out and eliminate secessionsists and rebels.
Year:  1865
Decade:  1860 - 1869
Beginning Date:     Jan. 06, 1865
Ending Date:     Jan. 06, 1865

Mercantile Library



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