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  Final 1876 Extension of City Boundaries
Category:  Planning and Development
Brief Description:  The final extension of the City´s boundaries in 1876 pushed the city limits to 600 feet west of Skinker Boulevard and South following the River Des Peres. Much of the extension was farmland. It brought the City´s total area to 61.73 square miles. Residents at the time of the extension believed the addition to be more than enough land for any future expansion. The extension also severed ties with St. Louis County which, until that time, had controlled both the City and the County. City residents wanted to break from the county government, which they considered to be inefficiently run, and to form their own rule with lower taxes and more appropriate spending practices. St. Louis City was established as the first home-ruled city in the nation by the Missouri State Constitution of 1875.
Year:  1876
Decade:  1870 - 1879
Beginning Date:    1876
Ending Date:    1876



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