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  Normal School Opens at Sumner High School
Category:  African-American Experience, Education
Brief Description:  A Normal School opened at Sumner High School in 1890 for the training of African-American teachers. The school provided an additional year of training beyond high school and supplied teachers for the area┬┤s African-American schools. Sumner Normal School became a college in 1925, although it remained in Sumner High School. It was the predecessor of Stowe Teachers College, which later became Harris-Stowe State College. (Wright)
Year:  1890
Decade:  1890 - 1899
Beginning Date:    1890
Ending Date:    1890

Davis, Julia
Turner, Charles Henry
Waring, Oscar Minor

Sumner High School

Harris and Stowe Colleges merged

Discovering African-American St. Louis



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