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  Washington University Founded
Brief Description:  In 1853, a charter for a new school was granted to Wayman Crow by the Missouri legislature. Crow named his new school Eliot Seminary in honor of William Greenleaf Eliot. The school opened in 1854 as the Washington Institute of St. Louis. Eliot did not feel it was morally correct to have an institution named after him. The school was renamed the O┬┤Fallon Institute in 1855 and the name was finally changed to Washington University in 1857. Today, Washington University in St. Louis is a world renowned educational facility, with an acclaimed medical school and school of social work, as well as research centers for radiology, space studies, engineering computing, and the visual arts.
Year:  1854
Decade:  1850 - 1859
Beginning Date:    1854

Eliot, William Greenleaf

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