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  Chouteau´s Pond is created
Brief Description:  In 1766, Joseph Taillon dammed the Petite Riviere (Mill Creek) to create a millpond. He also built a mill to grind flour. Pierre Laclede purchased the mill and pond in 1766. Auguste Chouteau purchased the pond and mill from Laclede´s estate, which is how the pond got its name. Chouteau´s Pond eventually became a popular St. Louis recreation spot. By the mid-19th century, the pond had become polluted with industrial and livestock waste, and household debris. After the cholera epidemic of 1849, the area was widely viewed as a health hazard, and finally the pond was drained and filled.
Year:  1766
Decade:  1760 - 1769
Beginning Date:    1766
Ending Date:    1766

Colonial St. Louis: Building a Creole Capital



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