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  Tornado of 1896
Brief Description:  Considered the worst tornado in the recorded history of St. Louis, the cyclone of 1896 destroyed much of the city┬┤s south side. At least 140 people were killed, over 1,000 severly injured, and more than 8,000 buildings were destroyed. Though the tornado ripped through much of the city, the most heavily damaged area was the southern side, home to many German immigrants. Damage estimates were greater than $10 million, although the city provided little disaster relief to the immigrant community. Nevertheless, the community was able to revive much of the neighborhood on its own. Following the tornado, many wealthy residents of the Soulard neighborhood moved out of the area completely. The Lafayette neighborhood also suffered extensive damage, and many of its mansions were abandoned, to be converted into rooming houses for many years. The cyclone also touched the Eads bridge, but destroyed only its eastern approach; its main pillars and main structure remained intact.
Year:  1896
Decade:  1890 - 1899
Beginning Date:     May. 27, 1896
Ending Date:     May. 27, 1896



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