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  Cable Street Railways Introduced
Category:  Transportation and Infrastructure
Brief Description:  Although, horse drawn street cars had been in use since July 4, 1859, cable street railways were not successfully introduced to the city until 1885. These were steam-powered cable cars which were much faster than the horse-drawn version. Initially tried in 1870, the noise from these cars startled carriage horses and caused them to bolt. Eventually steam-powered railways gained public acceptance and were implemented in St. Louis. An open-air, double-decker car was sometimes added as a trailer to the first car. These steam-powered cars were soon replaced by electrified cars.
Year:  1885
Decade:  1880 - 1889
Beginning Date:    1885
Ending Date:    1885

"RidinĀ“ in the Street Cars (St. Louis, Mo.)"



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