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Name Born
Adler, Dankmar Jul. 03, 1844
Adler and Sullivan 1879
Annan, Thomas B. 1839
Barnett, George Ingham 1815
Barnett, George Dennis 1863
Barnett, Thomas P. 1890
Barnett and Peck
Barnett, Haynes & Barnett
Bonsack, Frederick C.
Bradshaw, Preston J.
Brady & Mitchell
Brussel, Hugues
C. McCulley Company, Bob
Cameron, Edmund A.
Clark, Charles
Clark, J. B.
Cobb, Henry Ives 1859
Corrubia, Angelo G.
Crane, C. Howard 1885
Dixon, Thomas
Dold, Rev. Louis
Druiding, Adolphus
Dunn, Frederick W. 1905
Eadbrooke, HWJ
Eads, James Buchanan May. 23, 1820
Eames, William S. 1859
Eames & Young
Eckel and Mann
Eidlitz, Leopold
Ellis, Harvey 1852
Enders, Oscar 1865
Ewald, Lawrence
Ferrand, Gabriel 1876
Friedlander & Dillon
Fuchs, Fridonlin
Fulton, William
Garden, Edward Gordon 1871
Gilbert, Cass 1859
Gillick, Aloysius
Grable, Alfred 1829
Greenleaf, Eugene L. 1815
Groves, Albert B. 1868
Hatch, Stephen
Haynes, John Ignatius 1860
Hellmuth, George 1907
Hellmuth, George W. 1870
Helmpler, Franz Georg
Hill, James C. 1841
Hill, James C. 1841
Hoener, Baum & Froese
Ingham-Barnett, George
Issacs, Henry G. 1840
Ittner, William B. 1864
Jamieson and Spearl
Jamison, James P. 1867
Janssen, Ernst C. 1855
Jenne, William LeBaron
John Notman
Jungfeld, Edward 1839
Jungfield, E. Architects
Kessler, George Jul. 16, 1862
Kiewitt, Gustel R. 1902
Klutho, Victor
Kramer, Gerhardt
Laveille, Joseph C. 1790
Lee, Francis D. 1826
Lee, Robert E.
Lee and Annan
Leffingwell, Hiram W. 1846
Legg, Jerome B. Nov. 12, 1838
Link, Theodore Mar. 17, 1850
Lyle, Alexander
Mackey, Eugene 1911
Mann, George R. 1856
Markle, Captain W. R.
Mauran, John Lawrence 1866
Mauran, Russell and Garden
McClaren, James
Miller, L. Cass
Milligan, Rockwell
Mitchell, Robert S. 1821
Morton, George 1790
Mullet, Alfred Bult 1899
Muran, Russel, & Gardner
Murphy, Joseph Dennis 1908
Murphy and Mackey
Nagel and Dunn
Norton, Guy T.
Obata, Gyo Feb. 28, 1923
Osburg, Albert
Otis, Calvin N.
Paul, Gabriel 1781
Peabody, Robert Swain 1845
Peabody & Stearn
Peipers, Henry E.
Perret, August
Piquenard, Albert
Pitcher, Henry
Pitzman, Julius Jan. 11, 1937
Preisler, Ernst
Purvis, George
Raeder, Frederich William
Ramsey, Charles K.
Rapp, Charles W.
Rapp, George L.
Rathman, Walter L. 1880
Richardson, Henry Hobson
Roach, Harry F. 1871
Roth and Study
Rudell & Odenthal
Rumbold, William
Ruskin, John Feb. 08, 1819
Schickel, William
Scopp and Bauman
Seibertz, Engelbert
Shepley, George Foster
Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge
Singleton, Henry
Smith, James A.
Solar, Franz
Spiering, Louis C
Stearns, John Goddard
Steedman Architectual, George Fox
Stewart, James
Study, H. Guy 1881
Sullivan, Louis Henri 1856
Swasey, William A. 1864
Switzer, Henry
Taylor, Isaac S. Dec. 01, 1850
Upjohn, Richard
vcnncvn, vcncn ncvnvn
Viterbo, Lionel R.
Walsh, Thomas Waryng 1827
Wedemeyer, Cernik & Corrubia
Wessbecker, Louis
Widman, Walsh, & Boisselier
Widmann, Frederick 1859
Wilhelmi, Otto 1853
Wilhelmi, Otto J.
Wischmeyer, Kenneth E. 1879
Young, Thomas Crane 1858



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