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Name:    Dunn, Frederick W.
Profession:  Architect
Born/Started:    1905
Description:    Born in St. Paul, MN, Dunn grew up in Montana, and earned a master´s degree in fine arts at Yale University. He formed a partnership with Charles Nagle from St. Louis in 1936, which was dissolved when Dunn joined the Navy during WWII. He returned to St. Louis, and in 1963 was cited by the American Institute of Architects for three St. Louis buildings: the National Council of State Garden Clubs headquarters in Shaw´s Garden, Steinberg Memorial Skating Rink in Forest Park, and the A.S. Aloe warehouse at Lindbergh and Page Blvds.

In defense of the modern style of architecture he used for the St. Mark´s Episcopal Church, Dunn explained: "We can´t use the methods of the middle ages, for we don´t have their craftsmen or their materials. We must take the crafts and materials of today and adapt them to new forms." He incorporated the use of colored and textured glass for the entire length of some of his church designs, making his structures "modest and dignified" by eliminating most ornamentation. It was said of him "he lived architecture," claiming that "line was a language."

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