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Name:    Lee, Francis D.
Profession:  Architect
Category:  Architecture
Born/Started:    1826
Died/Ended:    1885
Description:    Major Francis D. Lee was born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1826, and graduated from the Charleston College where he studied architervcture and engineering. He worked as an architect there until the outbreak of the Civil War. During the war, he served on General P.T. Beauregard´s staff and invented the torpedo boat. He moved to St. Louis in 1866 and formed a partnership with Thomas Annan. Lee was involved with the following St. Louis structures: Merchant´s Exchange building; Chamber of Commerce on Third St.; Third National Bank on Olive St.; Col. Charles L. Hunt´s building on Fourth Bldg.; Hoyle building at Fourth & Elm Sts John L. Furguson´s building at Fifth & Pine Sts; Bradford & Martin´s building (1875) on Washington Ave; and Wetzel´s building on Main. Lee is buried in Bellefontaine Cemetery.

Structures & Places
1113-1129 Washington Ave.
Ferguson Building
Merchants Exchange Building, Second

Annan, Thomas B.

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