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Name:    Hatch, Stephen
Profession:  Architect
Category:  Architecture
Description:    Steven Hatch, architect of the Merchants-Laclede Building in downtown St. Louis, enjoyed a long and remarkably successful career, although few of his major works survive. Born in Swanton, VT, Hatch received his architectural training in the New York office of John B. Snook. In 1864, he opened his own New York office, where he designed three buildings that are now listed in the National Register of Historic Places: the 1868 Gilsey Hotel; 1870 Robbins & Appleton Building (home of the D. Appleton Publishing Co.); and the 1891 Fleming Smith Warehouse. A few of his works have also been designated by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. Hatch’s career also included prestigious commissions for many upper-class residences in New York, such as the 1868 Jay Gould House and the William Rockefeller House (1876-1877), both of which have since been demolished.

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