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Name:    Barnett, Thomas P.
Profession:  Architect
Born/Started:    1890
Died/Ended:    1929
Description:    Born in St. Louis and educated in the public schools here, Thomas Barnett graduated from the Saint Louis University in 1886 and began working with his father, George I. Barnett. He developed a flair for architectural design and was known for his careful attention to detail and awareness of current trends. He was originally a partner in the firm of Barnett, Haynes and Barnett, but withdrew from the partnership in 1911 to form his own company. His designs of both residential and public buildings include the Arcade Building, the Old Mutual Bank Building, and the Hotel DeSoto/City Club building. He was awarded the gold medal for architecture in the 1904 St. Louis Exposition, and many other medals throughout the years for his creative designs. In his later years he devoted much of his time to painting. He died in Boston, MA on September 23, 1929.

Structures & Places
Arcade Building
Tower Building

Louisiana Purchase Exposition

Haynes, John Ignatius
Barnett, George Ingham
Barnett, George Dennis

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