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Name:  Arcade Building
Year:  1919
Architectural Firm/Architect:  T.P. Barnett
Designation: City Landmark
Neighborhood:  35
In 1919, within the heart of St. Louis's commercial and office district, construction began with the intent to build an additional component to the Wright Building (Eames & Young); the Wright Building was previously built. The additional component is known as the Arcade Building and for sometime within our nation's history, was the tallest reinforced concrete structure. Eight-teen stories high and built with brick, the building was surrounded by windows (Gothic features on upper level) and designed with terra cotta. As a result af the additional construction, the Arcade Building was designed and implemented with 800 new offices and 200 new shops. The shops were centered on a two story-shopping arcade located between Olive and Pine and was considered to be an interior shopping street among pioneers. In addition to that, inspired by the galleries of Naples and Milan, Italy, the ground floor interior street was the first version of the popular shopping malls that currently exist within St. Louis. The original intent of the Arcade Building consisted of office and commercial use. Currently, the Arcade Building in now closed, pending reorganization for renovation.

Barnett, Thomas P.
Brussel, Hugues

Arcade Building
Arcade Building
Arcade Building
Arcade Building
Arcade Building



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