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Name:    Pitzman, Julius
Profession:  Architect
Category:  Architecture, Demographics (immigration, etc.)
Born/Started:     Jan. 11, 1937
Died/Ended:    1923
Description:    Julius Pitzman was a city surveyor who originated the idea of "Places,” which are simple straight, single streets where some of the best homes are found. His first "place" was Vandeventer, and he laid out others, such as Portland, Westmoreland, and Flora Boulevard, which was laid as an approach to the main gate of the Missouri Botanical Garden (which is why it is called Boulevard). He was also one of the first members of the Civic League.

Born in Prussia, Pitzman worked in St. Louis as a surveyor and engineer. When General Fremont arrived in St. Louis in 1861, Pitzman volunteered his services and was appointed first lieutenant of the Topographical Engineers. He accompanied General Hallack to Shiloh, TN, where he created the topographical map to accompany the official report just four days after the battle. After recovering from thyroid fever, he returned to duty with General Grant, taking part in the crossing of the Mississippi River and the advance on Vicksburg. He was badly wounded while conducting a survey of the Vicksburg siege lines and returned to St. Louis for recuperation. There he accepted nomination for county surveyor. He later voluntarily returned to duty as a major during General Sterling Price´s raid into Missouri and supervised the construction of fortifications near Washington, MO before returning to civilian life.

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