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Name:    Link, Theodore
Profession:  Architect
Category:  Architecture
Born/Started:     Mar. 17, 1850
Died/Ended:     Nov. 12, 1923
Description:    One of the city´s greatest architects, German-born Theodore Link came to St. Louis in 1873 to work as a technical representative for the Atlantic & Pacific Railroad Company. He later became an assistant chief engineer at Forest Park and then the superintendent of public parks for St. Louis. He served as one of the architects for the 1904 World´s Fair.

He designed over 100 buildings, including his home at 5900 West Cabanne Place, mansions at #29 and #38 Portland Place, and Grace Methodist Church on Skinker Blvd. He also designed the Mississippi State Capitol and Louisiana State University. He was one of only 10 architects selected from around the country invited to submit designs for a train station in St. Louis. He won the commission and helped to build Union Station. Completed in 1894, it was the largest station of its time and is considered an architectural "jewel."

Structures & Places
Second Presbyterian Church
Union Station
Union Station Power Plant

Union Station Completed

Westmoreland and Portland Places, History of Private Streets 1888-1988

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