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Name:    Laveille, Joseph C.
Profession:  Architect, Politician
Category:  Architecture, Politics and Government
Born/Started:    1790
Died/Ended:    1842
Description:    Joseph Laveille and George Morton formed the first architectural firm west of the Mississippi. They designed the Old Cathedral and the first buildings at Jefferson Barracks. Laveille served as street commissioner from 1823 to 1826, and was the alderman from the 2nd ward at the time of his death.

Born in Harrisburg, PA, he came to St. Louis in 1821. He was responsible for renaming the city┬┤s north-south streets according to a simple ordinal system, and giving the east-west streets arboreal names (Spruce, Pine, Locust, etc.). He based this on the grid system used in his hometown of Philadelphia. Laveille, was later named aldermanic president.

The firm Laveille and Morton designed the first brick Episcopal Church in 1825-1826 at the northwest corner of Third and Chestnut; in 1827-1828 the first brick Court House on the SW corner of Fourth and Chestnut. The partnership with George Morton was dissolved in 1834, and they each went into the lumber business.

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