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Name:    Steedman Architectual, George Fox
Profession:  Architect
Category:  Architecture
Description:    Architect

Detailed Description:
The George Fox Steedman Architecture Library containing many large format and rare titles is housed in a special room entered from the Fine Arts Room at St. Louis’ Central Library. Designed by Mauran, Russell & Crowell with Oscar Mullgardt of that firm in charge, the 16th century style space features leaded glass windows and cases with woodcarving and decorative plaster ceiling by Victor Berlendis. George Fox Steedman was a retired St. Louis industrialist. In addition to the initial donation of 600 volumes for the library, Steedman and his wife provided funds for constructing the room (opened in 1930) and a $10,000 gift for purchasing additional titles. They also endowed the Steedman Fellowship in Architecture at Washington University.

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