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African-American Experience
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Name Birthdate
Redmond, Sidney
Clark, Charles
McIntosh, Francis
Field, Roswell Martin
Barnett, Marquerite Ross
Cahill, Clyde S.
Dickson, Moses
Hurt, Jr., James Eldridge
Johnson, A. N.
Johnson, Lonnie
Mitchell, Sr. , Joseph E.
Newton, Sarah
Phillips, Homer G.
Matthews, Martin
Wilson, Margaret Bush
Forchet, Jeanette
Scypion, Catchie
Williams, Arsania M.
Wheeler, Henry Winfield
Wheeler, John W.
Stevens, Josephine
Delaney, Lucy Berry
Wheeler, Betty McNeal
Wheatley, Phyllis 01/01/1753
Dessalines, Jean-Jacques 01/01/1758
Meachum, John Berry 01/01/1789
Scott, Dred 01/01/1799
Rutgers, Pelagie Ailotte 01/01/1802
Lovejoy, Elijah P. 01/01/1802
Aldridge, Ira 01/01/1805
Delany, Martin R. 05/06/1812
Allen, Thomas 01/01/1813
Garnet, Henry Highland 01/01/1815
Blow, Henry Taylor 07/15/1817
Keckley, Elizbeth Hobbs 01/01/1818
Vashon, George B. 01/01/1824
Brooks, William P. 01/01/1826
Thomas, James 01/01/1827
Clamorgan, Cyprian 01/01/1830
Waring, Oscar Minor 01/01/1837
Turner, James Milton 01/01/1839
Vashon, John Boyer 01/01/1859
Curtis, Thomas Austin 01/01/1862
Curtis, William Parrish 01/01/1866
Turner, Charles Henry 01/01/1867
Du Bois, W. E. B. 01/01/1868
Joplin, Scott 01/01/1868
Malone, Annie Turnbo Pope 01/01/1869
Turpin, Charles Udell 01/01/1870
Bowles, Carrie 01/01/1873
Handy, W. C. 01/01/1873
Vaughn, George 01/01/1882
Dreer, Herman H 01/01/1888
Cook, Fannie Frank 10/04/1893
Young, Nathan B. 01/01/1896
Grant, David 01/01/1903
Holliman, Jessie Housley 01/01/1905
McNeal, Theodore 01/01/1905
Campbell, Elmer Simms 01/01/1906
Himes, Chester 07/29/1909
Armstrong, Henry 01/01/1912
Trouppe, Quincy 01/01/1912
Porter, Ruth 01/01/1915
Pruitt, Wendell Oliver 01/01/1920
Foxx, Redd 01/01/1922
Shivers, Clarence Laudric 01/01/1923
Berry, Chuck 01/01/1926
Davis, Miles 01/01/1926
Howard, Elston 01/01/1929
Perry, Ivory 01/01/1930
Clay Sr. , William L. 01/01/1931
Gregory, Richard (Dick) 01/01/1932
Liston, Sonny 01/01/1932
Green, Percy 01/01/1935
Guillame, Robert 01/01/1937
Bumbry, Grace Melzia 01/01/1937
Turner, Tina 01/01/1939
Hunter, Julius 01/01/1944
Grant, Nancy 01/01/1949
Harris, Eddy L 01/01/1955
Freeman, Greg 01/01/1956
Clay Jr., William L. 07/27/1956
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie 01/01/1962
Wilkins, Roy 01/01/2001



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