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Name:    Joplin, Scott
Profession:  Composer
Category:  African-American Experience
Born/Started:    1868
Died/Ended:    1917
Detailed Description:
Known as the King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin was a composer who lived in St. Louis from 1885 to 1894 and again from 1900 to 1906. A four-family flat on Morgan Street (now Delmar) is the only remaining building associated with Joplin .

During his time in St. Louis, Joplin evolved from an itinerant piano player to a composer and teacher, working under the direction of Alfred Ernest, the leader of the St. Louis Choral Symphony Society. JoplinĀ“s compositions include a lost opera, "A Guest of Honor," and "The Entertainer."

Joplin was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for music in 1976. [African-American Heritage of St. Louis, 8] [Selected Neighbors and Neighborhoods, 59-60].

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