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Kain, John J.
Campbell, James
Reedy, William Marion
Mullanphy, John
Pruitt, Wendell Oliver
Noonan, James Patrick
Raftery, Lawrence
Connor, Jeremiah
Murphy, Joseph
Barton, David
O┬┤Fallon, John
Kenrick, Peter Richard
Thornton, John
McDowell, Joseph Nash
Liggett, John Edmund
McDonough, James
Ranken Jr., David
Bannon, John
Cornyn, Florence
Tansey, Robert E.
Walsh, Julius
McCullagh, Joseph
Ryan, Patrick John
Sellins, Fannie Mooney
Dempsey, Fr. Tim
Igoe, William Leo
Hannegan, Robert
Kerens, Richard
Cochems, Eddie
Ritter, Joseph Elmer



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