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Name:    Kain, John J.
Category:  Religion
Born/Started:     May. 31, 1841
Died/Ended:     Oct. 13, 1903
Description:    In 1893 Bishop John Kain was chosen by Rome to work with Archbishop Kenrick as coadjutor when the latter became ill. Kenrick refused to welcome him, even though Kain was the priests´ choice. This created considerable tension for the two years they worked together, until Kain gained full power in 1895.

During Kain’s tenure, he gave full pastoral rights to foreign-language priests and helped affiliate Saint Louis University Medical School with the Sisters of Mercy. However, most of his tenure was filled with conflict with other clergy. His poor health led to the appointment of Auxiliary Bishop John Glennon of Kansas City as coadjutor in April 1903. Kain died in October 1903. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

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