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Name:    Walsh, Julius
Profession:  Business Person
Category:  Economy/Employment, Transportation and Infrastructure
Born/Started:     Dec. 11, 1842
Died/Ended:     Mar. 21, 1923
Description:    Julius Walsh served as president of several financial and rail companies in St. Louis. His father Edward, was a prominent merchant and manufacturer. Upon his father´s death, Julius inherited four railroads and the directorship of the Bank of the State of Missouri. In 1885 he established the Northern Central Line, using horse cars, and later converted it to the cable car system. He went on to become one of the most prominent figures in streetcar development.

In 1870 he became president of the Citizens Railway Company. President Ulysses S. Grant gave a dinner at the White House for Julius and his wife on their honeymoon. Among the significant positions Julius held were president and chairman of the Terminal Railroad, the Union Electric Light and Power Company, and the Mississippi Valley Trust Company. He was also a director of the St. Louis World´s Fair in 1904. Saint Louis University recognized his contributions to the school and community by conferring upon him an honorary doctorate of letters. He is buried at Calvary Cemetery.

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