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Name:    Mullanphy, John
Profession:  Business Person, Merchant, Philanthropist
Category:  Human and Social Services
Born/Started:    1758
Died/Ended:     Aug. 29, 1833
Description:    John Mullanphy was born in Ireland in 1833 and came to St. Louis via Baltimore, Philadelphia and Frankfort, KY in 1804. He took part in the defense of Baltimore during the War of 1812, and fought with Jackson during the British attack on New Orleans. He had 15 children, and gave much of his wealth away to charity. He founded the St. Louis Convent of the Religious of the Sacred Heart in 1827, and gave a hospital to the Daughters of Charity.

Mullanphy left Ireland due to the persecution of Catholics. He became friends of John Caroll, the first American bishop. Of his 15 children, 7 died in infancy. He also founded separate orphanages for boys and girls, a home for aged and destitute widows, funded bakeries for the poor, and employed a doctor to visit the sick during the cholera outbreak. The St. Louis Mullanphy Hospital, operated by the Daughters of Charity, opened in 1828.

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