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Name:    Liggett, John Edmund
Profession:  Business Person
Category:  St. Louis and the West
Born/Started:     Apr. 27, 1815
Died/Ended:    1897
Description:    John Liggett was a St. Louisan who owned one of the largest tobacco manufacturing companies in the nation. Many of the company’s factories were located in St. Louis.

The son of an Irish immigrant who prospered in real estate, Liggett eventually went into his family’s tobacco business. Their company, Liggett & Myers, became one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the nation. Several early cigarette brands were made in the St. Louis factory, beginning with Crimps Cigarettes in 1878. The 1890s Sweet Moments is probably the best remembered, but Sledge, Music, Book, Good Form, Tent and Long Voyage were also produced here. Liggett died in 1897, the same year that the Liggett & Myers Tobacco Company became part of James B. Duke´s tobacco trust.

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