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Name Born
A. G. Edwards 1887
Angleou, Maya 1928
Arnold, Hillis Jun. 10, 1906
Barnett, Marquerite Ross
Bowles, Carrie 1873
Davis, Julia 1891
Divoll, Ira
Dreer, Herman H 1888
DuBose, Demosthenes 1924
Ernst, Lillie Rose 1870
Froebel, Frederich Wilhelm Apr. 21, 1782
Holliman, Jessie Housley 1905
mann geroge l, george l
Salisbury, Mary H
Sibley, Mary Easton
Sinkler, William H 1906
Smiley, Adella
Stevens, Josephine
Venable, H Phillip 1913
Wheeler, Betty McNeal
Williams, Arsania M.
Williams, Frank Lunsford 1865



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