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Eliot, Henry Ware
Eliot, T. S.
Eliot, William Greenleaf
Dreiser, Theodore
Pulitzer, Joseph
Bornstein, Heinrich
Whitman, Thomas
Akins, Zoe Byrd
More, Paul Elmer
Churchill, Winston
Pennell, Joseph Stanley
Johns, Orrick
Gellhorn, Martha
Hurst, Fannie
Curran, Pearl
van Ravenswaay, Charles
Simpson, Peter
Benson, Sally
Hahn, Emily
Thompson, Kay
Himes, Chester
Taylor, Peter
Neihardt, John Greenleaf
Urdang, Constance
Elkin, Stanley Lawrence
Nemerov, Howard
Moore, Marianne
Seifert, Shirley
Johnson, Josephine Winslow



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