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Name:    Eliot, Henry Ware
Profession:  Business Person
Born/Started:     Nov. 25, 1843
Died/Ended:     Jan. 07, 1919
Description:    The second son of William Greenleaf Eliot, founder of Washington University, and the father of poet T. S. Eliot, Henry Ware Eliot was a businessman, chemist, musician, and the author of A Brief Autobiography Written by H. W. Eliot.

He graduated from Washington University and then worked as a wholesale grocer and then became a manufacturing chemist. He became president of the Hydraulic-Press Brick Company, which produced bricks for many of the houses in the Central West End, including his home on Westminster Place. Although he was nearly deaf from childhood scarlet fever, he loved music and played the flute. He was born and died in St. Louis.

Eliot, T. S.

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