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Name:    More, Paul Elmer
Born/Started:     Dec. 12, 1864
Died/Ended:     Mar. 09, 1937
Description:    Paul Elmer More was a writer, teacher, and editor of several prominent magazines. Born in St. Louis, he attended Washington University, graduating cum laude in 1887. He also received a masters degree from Washington University and Harvard. While at Washington University he wrote prose and poetry for the student magazine Student Life. He also taught at Smith Academy; and at Harvard he taught Sanskrit. His first book, a translation of Sanskrit, was published in 1898.

He was literary editor of the Independent and the New York Evening Post before becoming editor of The Nation. In 1930 and 1934 he was considered for, but did not win, the Nobel Prize for Literature. In the 1920s and 1930s, he was a founder of New Humanism, which defended classical traditions such as Platonism. Some of MoreĀ“s works included Shelburne Essays, The Greek Tradition, a biography of Benjamin Franklin, a book on Byron, an anthology of 17th century religious literature, and translations of Plato and Aeschylus.

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