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Name:    Benson, Sally
Born/Started:     Sep. 03, 1897
Died/Ended:     Jul. 19, 1972
Description:    Sally Benson was author of the book, "Meet Me in St. Louis," which later became a Hollywood movie, starring Judy Garland. The book was based on her childhood memories in St. Louis, as well as consultations with other family members and friends. Unlike the story in the book, her family could not talk their father into staying in St. Louis, and they moved to New York in 1911. Benson also wrote several movie screenplays, including "Shadow of a Doubt," "Anna and the King of Siam," and "Viva Las Vegas." "Meet Me in St. Louis" premiered in St. Louis on November 22, 1944. When her original house at 5135 Kensington was torn down in 1994, 500 of its bricks were sold as commemoratives.

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