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What Are Buildings Made Of?

Bricks in St. Louis

Bricks from St. Louis are used in cities all over the world - but none more so than right here at home. The brick industry is one of the most important factors in shaping the present appearance of the City of St. Louis.

Fancy brick ornamentation and patterns Even a simple red brick house can have complex ornamentation. How many different shapes of brick can you count on this building?

Pattern of green glazed brick against flat red bricksGreen glazed brick was popular for making contrasting designs in red brick buildings.

Bakery brick inside of front porchWhite glazed brick, sometimes known as "bakery brick," is used throughout St. Louis. This front porch shows three different types of brick, plus limestone trim.

A D Brown Building - bakery brick and some terra cotta This is the A. D. Brown Building downtown. Most of the exterior is made of "bakery brick;" in this photo you can also see terra cotta trim.

Many texture and shade brick wall By the mid-20th century, bricks in every shade and texture were used throughout St. Louis!

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