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Name:    Crow, Wayman
Profession:  Business Person, Politician
Category:  Politics and Government
Born/Started:     Mar. 07, 1808
Died/Ended:     May. 10, 1885
Description:    Wayman Crow grew up in Kentucky where he apprenticed in the dry goods business. During a trip to St. Louis in 1835, he decided to set up his own business there. He established Crow & Tevis with his cousin Joshua Tevis.

In 1840, Wayman served as president of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce and as a state senator from the Whig Party. While in the Senate, he helped organize the Hannibal, St. Joseph and Missouri Pacific Railroads.

One of Crow’s biggest contributions was in the drafting of the charter to establish Washington University in 1853. He appointed the university’s board members and conducted the first meeting of university business in his home. William Eliot, his good friend, was named president of the university.

Crow married Isabella Conn and had nine children, four of which died in childhood. [Final Resting Place, p. 47]

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