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Name:  Museum of Fine Arts
Address:  Locust and 19th
Year:  1881
Date of Demolition:  1906
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Peabody and Stearns
Standard Architectural Styles:  Renaissance Revival
Sculptor:  Howard Kretschmar
Front facade:  Stone, ashlar
Property Type Codes:  Museum
Neighborhood:  36
The Museum of Fine Arts was opened on May 10, 1881 and dedicated to Wayman Crow, a major financial contributor. Designed by the firm of Peabody & Stearns, it was an elegant structure of brownstone with a red slate roof. An early example of the Renaissance Revival style, it predated McKim, Mead and White´s Boston Public Library, the national inspiration for Renaissance Revival design. Bas-relief busts of Raphael, Michelangelo and Phidias adorned the facade of the building, the work of sculptor Howard Kretschmar. The exterior also boasted a raised central arched entry and bas-relief panels. The building was praised for the light admitted by its large and numerous windows, the interior finish, and high ceilings.

Unfortunately, after the 1904 World´s Fair, the City moved the collections when it acquired Cass Gilbert´s building on Art Hill. Soon after the Museum of Fine Arts was demolished. [Barkley 43,44; Lowic 130,131] .

Crow, Wayman
Peabody & Stearn,

Architectural Heritage of St. Louis, 1803-1891
St. Louis Lost: Uncovering the City's Lost Architecture



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