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Title: Final Resting Place-The Lives and Deaths of Famous St. Louisians
Author: Kevin Amsler
Publisher: Virginia Publishing  
Publisher Location: St. Louis, MO 
Date of Publish: 1997 
Literature Type: Book 
Page Number(s): 256

Bates, Edward
Beaumont, William
Bixby, William
Brookings, Robert S.
Brown, George
Burnes, Robert
Burroughs, William
Colman, Norman
Crow, Wayman
Farrar, Bernard
Hyland, Robert
Kearny, Stephen Watts
Kelly, Dan
Lemp, William Jr.
Lemp, Johann Adam
Lemp, William
Lindell, Peter
Lisa, Manuel
Mallinckrodt, Edward
May, John
Queeny, John F.
Shreve, Henry Miller
Sisler, George
Spink, Al
Spink, Charles
Spink, John George Taylor



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