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Name Born
Armstrong, Henry 1912
Bell , James "Cool Papa" 1901
Cochems, Eddie
Flood, Curt 1938
Garagiola, Joe Feb. 12, 1926
Gibson, Bob 1935
Joyner-Kersee, Jackie 1962
Keough, Harry Nov. 15, 1927
Liston, Sonny 1932
Macauley, Ed Mar. 22, 1928
Medwick, Joe Nov. 24, 1911
Moore, Archie 1913
O┬┤Farrell, Bob Oct. 19, 1896
Sisler, George Mar. 24, 1893
Slaughter, Enos Bradsher Apr. 27, 1916
Trouppe, Quincy 1912



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