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Name:  Bissell´s Point Plant
Address:  Corner of Bissell and Blair
Year:  1869
Date of Demolition:  1960
Architectural Firm/Architect:  Chief Engineer, Thomas J.
The Bissell Point Plant has been credited as being St. Louis´ first major water treatment facility. The plant was completed in 1869 and opened for operation in 1871. Thomas J. Whitman, brother of Walt Whitman, supervised the construction of the plant as chief engineer.

The plant was comprised of a high and low pumping station, settling basins, engine room, boiler house, and a storage reservoir at Compton Hill.

The facilities included one and two story brick buildings and a 134-foot smokestack to support the coal burning plant. The plant had a decorative exterior and, above the main entrance, two sculped figures represented the merging of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers.

The Bissell Point Plant remained in operation until 1960, when the Metropolitan Sewer District purchased the property. Today, the MSD´s Wastewater Treatment facility is located where the plant once stood.

Bissell (New Red) Water Tower
Grand Avenue (Old White) Water Tower
Water Tower, Compton Hill
Grand Avenue (Old White) Water Tower
Water Tower, Compton Hill



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