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Name:  Water Tower, Compton Hill
Address:  Grand and Shaw Avenues
Year:  1897
Architectural Firm/Architect:   Harvey Ellis or George R
Dimensions:   179 feet high, 130 feet
Designation: City Landmark, National Register of Historic Places,
District: Certified Local Historic District

The Water Tower adjacent to the Compton Hill Reservoir was the third to be built in the City. It was constructed as a means of evening the water pressure, as water was directly pumped from the Baden Pump House. It was designed by either George R. Mann or Harvey Ellis, a designer-draftsman who worked in Mann´s studio. The limestone base is decorated with small carvings of swirling leaf patterns and mythical animals. The single, assymetrical turret adds to the picturesque nature of the structure. Around the six-foot diameter standpipe, is a spiral iron staircase, leading up to an observation platform. The interior is now closed to the public.

The tower was taken out of use in 1929. In 1972, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was renovated and restored in 1993.

Ellis, Harvey
Mann, George R.

Bissell (New Red) Water Tower
Grand Avenue (Old White) Water Tower
Bissell´s Point Plant
Grand Avenue (Old White) Water Tower
Bissell´s Point Plant

Compton Hill Tower
Water Tower, Compton Hill



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