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Name:    Soulard, Julia
Profession:  Philanthropist, Settler
Category:  Human and Social Services
Description:    Julia Soulard was the youngest child of Gabriel and Catherine Cere. She married Antoine Soulard, the Spanish king’s surveyor for the Upper Louisiana, in 1795. The marriage created a wealthy dynasty with powerful connections in botthe Spanish and French communities.

Until the time and her death and in her will, Soulard donated considerable tracts of land to the City and various charitable causes, including St. Vincent de Paul. Her most long-lasting bequeath was a market area of the Soulard neighborhood which she gave to the City with the requirement that it be maintained as a market. Soulard Market continues to his day as the City’s primary farmer’s market. (Primm, 50, 144) [A Centruy of Enterprise, p. 18]

Structures & Places
Soulard Market
St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church

Century of Enterprise: St. Louis, 1894-1994
St. Louis: The Evolution of an American Urban Landscape

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