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Name:    Clark, William
Profession:  Politician
Category:  Politics and Government
Born/Started:    1770
Died/Ended:     Sep. 01, 1838
Description:    William Clark was one of the two leaders, together with Meriwether Lewis, of the Lewis and Clark expedition which explored the Louisiana Purchase territory from 1803 to 1806. Their Corps of Discovery is still acclaimed for helping to open up the West to American pioneers.

Born in Viriginia in 1770, Mr. Clark moved to Kentucky where he joined the militia at age 19. All of his brothers, including George Rogers Clark, fought during the Revolutionary War. Following the expedition, Mr. Clark was appointed superintendent of Indian Affairs for Upper Louisana. He married Julia Hancock in 1808 and moved to St. Louis. In 1813, he was named governor of the Missouri Territory, a post he held until Missouri became a state in 1820. He ran for governor, but lost. Mr. Clark died in St. Louis in 1838.

Treaty signed with 19 Native American Nations
William Clark Named Governor

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