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Name:    Preetorius, Dr. Emil
Category:  Cultural Life
Description:    Emil Preetorius was the publisher and editor of the German newspaper Westliche Post for more than 35 years. A leading voice for the German community in St. Louis, Preetorius used his newspaper and his influence to fight for the rights of German immigrants in the City, as well as other minority groups. He editorialized against the "Ironclad Oath" required by the Missouri Constitution of 1865, arguing that it was too severe, and was a leading voice advocating for the newly won rights of African Americans in post-Civil War St. Louis. Later, he turned his attention towards government reform efforts during the corruption period of the late 1800s. Preetorius was also a staunch supporter of the labor movement. He led a protest march through South St. Louis in 1900 in support of striking transit workers. Primm, 263, 351)

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