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Name:  Statue of the Naked Truth
Address:  Compton Reservoir Park
Year:  1914
Sculptor:  William Wandschneider
Donor:   German-American Alliance
Property Type Codes:  Statue, Sculpture
Dimensions:   Pedestal, length 19ft.10
Designation: City Landmark
Ward:  8
Neighborhood:  26
The statue was given as a monument to three great German newspaper editors of the St. Louis Westliche Post: Carl Schurz, Dr. Emil Preetorius, and Carl Danzier. Adolphus Busch was the major donor, giving $20,000 and initiating the design competition. All the entrees were from local sculptors except for Wandschneider, who was from Berlin. The nudity of the figure caused a great deal of controversary, but was executed according to the artist´s wishes.

The revealing statue is a natural choice for a symbol of truth. The torches symbolize the enlightenment of the German and American alliances.

It was moved in 1969 because it was in the way of the new interstate highway. Its new location is to the west of its original location and nearer to the water tower. The cost was carried by the St. Louis Water Division, maintainers of the Reservoir property.

Busch, Adolphus
Danzier, Carl
Preetorius, Dr. Emil
Schurz, Carl

Statue of the Naked Truth
Statue of the Naked Truth
Statue of the Naked Truth
Statue of the Naked Truth
Statue of the Naked Truth



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