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Name:    Shaw, Henry
Profession:  Business Person
Category:  Demographics (immigration, etc.), Planning and Development
Born/Started:     Jul. 24, 1800
Died/Ended:     Aug. 25, 1889
Description:    Henry Shaw came to St. Louis from his native England in 1819 and prospered as a merchant, importer and outfitter of western expeditions. Financially independent by the age of 40, Shaw retired from business to devote his time to travel. Impressed by elaborate English gardens, he set out to create a similar botanical gardens in St. Louis. Having acquired extensive real estate holdings to the southwest of the City, Shaw established the gardens on his country estate at Tower Grove. This name was taken from the aspect of the tower of his country home appearing above a surrounding grove of sassafras trees.

Shaw gave the tract of land for Tower Grove Park to the City in 1868. After his death in 1889, his Missouri Botanical Garden was dedicated "to the use and enjoyment of the public for all time."

Shaw also built Shaw Place, located between Shaw Avenue and Interstate Highway 44 behind the Missouri Pacific Hospital. It was designed to duplicate a street he remembered from his native England. (Primm, 306; McNulty, 108-111)

Structures & Places
Henry Shaw Country House
Henry Shaw Town House
Shaw Place (10 houses)

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