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Name:    Cupples, Samuel
Category:  St. Louis and the West
Born/Started:    1832
Died/Ended:    1912
Description:    Samuel Cupples arrived in St. Louis in 1851 and made a fortune outfitting settlers moving west. With his business partner,Robert Brookings, Cupples grew his company to enormous proportions. They also built "Cupples Station" in downtown St. Louis to aid in the transport of goods from the river to the railroad. The complex of 23 warehouses became a most valuable asset to St. Louis merchants.

After joining the board of directors at Washington University, Cupples, with Brookings┬┤ agreement, turned all company assets over to the university, a total of $4 million. He also funded the construction of three new buildings there.

Cupples Station, as Cupples┬┤ store and warehouse location immediately west of Busch Stadium became known, is currently being redeveloped into a hotel, office and retail complex.

The Samuel Cupples mansion, located on the campus of Saint Louis University, is a well-known St. Louis landmark.

Structures & Places
Cupples House
Cupples Station Complex

Cupples Company
Brookings, Robert S.

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