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Name:    Edwards, Albert Gallatin
Profession:  Business Person, Military
Category:  Economy/Employment
Born/Started:     Oct. 15, 1812
Died/Ended:     Apr. 19, 1892
Description:    A. G. Edwards graduated from West Point in 1832. He eventually became a brigadier general and was assigned to Jefferson Barracks.

In 1835, he maried Louise Cabanne, who was descended from the Chouteau family. During the Civil War, he was a strong Union supporter. After the war President Lincoln appointed him assistant secretry of the U.S. Treasury for the subtreasury bank in St. Louis. He retired from that position to start the A. G. Edwards & Son brokerage firm, which is currently one of the largest brokerage firms in the country. [finagrave.org/pictures/18435.html].

Edwards, Benjamin F.
A. G. Edwards

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